• Epidemiology and accident data monitoring: epidemiological analyses, public awareness campaigns, identification of areas at risk, understanding of accidents (causes, responsibilities ...) ...
  • Snow sport medicine and trauma management: this vast topic includes analyses of specific injuries (limbs, knees, head, trunk, spine ...), surgical, medical and paramedical management of snow sports trauma (techniques/practices/methods/tools ...) from the accident to the rehabilitation, challenges associated with trauma management etc.
  • Sports biomechanics: trauma and performances: basic or applied works dedicated to a better understanding of human tolerance and performance 
  • Global safety and healthcare management: healthcare chain (challenges, improvements ...), thinking safety with resort managements and all partners
  • Safety equipment, safety prevention and safety of mountain workers: individual safety equipment, lift and slope safety, safety and snow practice, safety and mountains (avalanches, cross-country skiing, touring ...)
  • Snow race safety and performances: slope preparation and safety equipment (challenges, standards), athletes preparation and safety etc.
  • New technologies for snow sports: new snow sports, electronics for performances measures, connected users, new technologies and safety etc.
  • Material testing (on-spot session)



Final program