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OT Serre-Chevalier : J. Bourré



We would like to thank you all for your presentations, for your time to push innovations and discussions in particular with the innovation village. We also hope you get very nice pictures in your eyes from our Serre Chevalier Valley, from our so nice events with the Wine and Cheese evening, the ski race, the gala event, Rossignol and Tourism office raffle, etc.

In the conference website a lot of pictures were added, and will be completed in the next days. If some of you want to share new pictures, you can send them to us by email and we will proceed.


Long papers:

Those who want will have the possibility to submit a long paper with JSAMS+. Please find all instructions to authors on JSAMS+ website:

Paper submission will soon be openend and be possible for only a few months, so please start writing your paper if you are interested. We will soon come back with additional details.


Meeting on wrist protectors:

As presented during the conference, Flavia Bürgi proposed to participate to a working group on wrist protectors. If you are interested by this topic, please contact Flavia by email.